Online Directory Follow Up

Thank you to those of you who have turned in your directory consent forms from the first day packet and registered for the directory. Thanks to you the directory is really shaping up!
We have been compiling the consent forms and reviewing the current directory for completeness. In the next week your room rep will be sending you an email if we are missing anything critical from you like:
1.You have not turned in your directory consent form from the first day packet.
2.You have not registered for the online directory.
3.You have not shown at least your student’s name for complete class lists, and preferably some form of contact information.
If you’d like to avoid getting an email, we encourage you to check your child’s directory entry by going to JSIS PTSA PTOffice directory and entering his/her name in the search box. You’ll need to log in to view the directory.
We are excited to have a fully functional directory by October 15 and appreciate your prompt attention to any missing forms or data.
As always, please email the directory team with any questions or visit the JSIS PTSA website for registration instructions!
Thank you!

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