Board Decision Matrix

For use with the following types of decisions:

  • Whether to devote resources to an activity outside our usual activities (examples: Starbucks Christmas giving program)
  • Whether to articulate a position on an issue (examples: school closures, bond measures, latte tax for education, etc.)
  • Whether to fund a new/unfunded request (example: music for International Dinner) or to increase an existing funding request
  • How to spend the capital account -- the money outside our current allocated budget, designed to support capital improvements.

Up-Front Guidelines:

  • Anyone in the JSIS school community can bring a request to the board.
  • People making a request should consult the school calendar to make sure there are no date conflicts; include solid budget figures; and submit the request in writing at least two weeks before the next board meeting.
  • No one board member should make a decision on behalf of the board, nor should any board member indicate the board’s likelihood of approving a decision before it’s been presented to the full board.
  • A board member who has a conflict of interest in the decision making process, can provide information but must abstain from a final vote.
  • Requestors should be allowed to stay in the meeting for the discussion because board meetings are open to all.
  • PTSA activities must have PTSA board approval in advance; committees should make sure their activities fall within PTSA guidelines. Checks for PTSA all-school activities should be made out to PTSA instead of an individual parent.
  • Exceptions to the guidelines in this document will arise and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.