Budget Review 2020

Budget Committee:

Zoila Peña – Chair of the Budget Committee
Hem Nalini Morzaria-Luna
Antoinette Angulo
Yomara Gomez-Naiden
Abby Crossen

Budget Committee Responsibilities:

The Budget Committee will refer to the PTSA approved goals and objectives, and existing and past budgets to guide the establishment of the General Budget 2020 – 2021. It will add revenue sources to cover those costs and it will make sure to have enough income and/or cash on hand to cover expenses. With the input of our PTSA community, we will solidify the budget and present a proposed budget to the board of directors and the general membership for approval.


Members of our community will be invited to join the PTSA Board, Staff and BLT representatives at a budget workshop on March 23rd in the JSIS Library from 6pm – 8pm where they will have the opportunity to provide input. We invite our community members, in particular, those who played an integral role in planning PTSA events, to provide their input. Childcare will be provided.

The Budget Committee chair will present the proposed budget for approval to the PTSA board during the monthly board meeting on April 9th. Any adjustments will be made to the budget as needed. Please see JSIS News for remote link

The Budget Committee chair will present the board’s approved budget to our members for approval (members must vote) on April 22nd during our general meeting.

Proposed Budget Approved by Board FY2020_2021