Mark your calendars for our 1st all-school community building and FUNdraising event, the JSIS Move-a-Thon!

Get ready to move and have fun in our 1st all-school PTSA sponsored FUNdraiser, the Move-a-Thon! Through this event, we provide our students tips on the importance of healthy eating, exercising and using safety gear as part of our theme “Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Happy Children!” This is an incredible opportunity for students, staff and community members to come together and directly support our school while having fun.
Our goal this year is to encourage all students to participate on the day of the event and because of this; we will introduce other fun games and attractions like hula-hoop, jump rope and more, stay tuned. Funds received during the event benefit all JSIS students as it supports the execution of all PTSA activities, events, and contributions to our school.

Put on your sneakers, bring your bikes/scooters/skate boards/feet and come Move with your John Stanford community! We hope to see you all there! (Note: Dress appropriately for the weather; we will hold the event, rain or shine.  Please remember that the longest path also has some pebbles.)

When: September 29th, 2019
Where: Gas Works Park
Time:  10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Per Student FUNdraising Goal: $100
Questions? Email us!

How does the Move-a-Thon work?

Move-a-Thon participants set a donation goal for the year and using the Pledge Form or Event Donation Link reach out to get pledges from friends, family and neighbors based on either a flat dollar amount, or the number of laps they anticipate traveling (Note: we suggest you collect per flat dollar amount to eliminate the need to go back to the sponsor after the event). Then, on the day of the event, they bring their bikes, scooters, roller skates, or just their feet down to Gas Works Park and MOVE! Participants track the laps traveled by getting their trail card marked after each completed loop.  They will then complete the collection of sponsor pledges (for donations made per/lap) and turn them in to the school no later than October 18th, 2019 

Can't Attend?

We'd love to see you on the trail but we know that isn't possible for everyone. By using the pledge forms or event donation link you can  still "participate" by doing your own “My Move-a-Thon,” or by making a donation directly to the PTSA. Please consider donating to support the many AMAZING programs at JSIS!

Are there prizes? Absolutely!


  • If financial goal is met, all classes will have an extra recess.
  • All school Spirit Day if we raise more money than last year.
  • Grade Band that raises the most funds will have a movie night.
  • Classroom raising the most funds and the class with highest participation will have an ice cream party. 


  • A Move-A-Thon t-shirt for every student participating on day of event.
  • Top 2 fundraisers win a Seattle Gymnastics or Arena Sports Birthday gift certificate.
  • Jump on Spanish - 1 free month of Spanish Immersion after-school (K-5)/1 week Spanish Camp in 2020 or 4 drop-in sessions in Cantemos
  • Top collector for each grade will enjoy lunch with Ms. Sarah and other guest teachers. Selection of lunch menu.
  • Many raffle items:
  • Seattle Pops Gift Certificates (20)
  • Tutta Bella’s Gift Certificate
  • YMCA 6 month family 2 membership certificate
  • Brook’s $250 Gift Certificate
  • Pablo y Pablo Gift Certificates (20)
  • Private lesson to All-Together-Skateboard Park (2)
  • 4 tickets to the Huskies/Utah game on November 2nd
  • And more!


  • 2 Bikes
  • Stretch 22 Gift Certificate
  • 2 Goodie Bags featuring 2020 Japan Summer Olympics Mascots
  • Other Gift Certificates and surprises!

We want to thank all of our donors and sponsors for their support!  In addition to those listed above we want to thank Starbucks for donating coffee and QFC for donating snacks/drinks for the day of the event. Please support our local businesses, especially those supporting our school!


  • Spirit Day and Extra Recess – The entire school
  • Movie Night – All of 1st Grade
  • Ice Cream Party – All of 1st Grade (since the class that won was in first grade we extended it to the entire grade and this will take place during the Movie Night)
  • Arena Sport Gift Certificate to Top Donor – Bryn S. (K-J-Pingry)
  • Seattle Gymnastics Certificate to Top Donor – Adina C. (1-E-McAnnich)
  • Lunch with Ms. Sarah and Guest Teachers – Kinder – Bryan S., 1st – Adina C., 2nd – Harper G., 3rd – Liam C., 4th – Eloise C., 5th – Liam E.
  • Jump on Spanish Certificate – Emerson N. (K-S-Ramirez)
  • Tutta Bella’s Gift Certificate – Reef G. (5-E-McLaren)
  • YMCA 6Month Gift Certificate – Kaho S. (5-J-Reckinger)
  • Brook’s $250 Gift Certificate – Simone B. (1-E-Atkinson)
  • Together Skate Board Park Session – Rin O’R. (K-J-Pingry)
  • Together Skate Board Park Session – Mohini K. (5-S-Matamala)
  • Huskies Game Tickets for Nov 2nd Game – Jack L. (5-E-McLaren)
  • Black Bike – Kai F. (2-J-Zilly)
  • Blue Bike – Sebastian B. (K-S-Ramirez)
  • 20 Seattle Pops Gift Certificates – (Envelopes with cards were provided to all 20 winners)
  • 20 Pablo and Pablo Gift Certificates – (Envelopes with cards were provided to all 20 winners)


What Does the Move-a-Thon Pay For?

The funding received during the Move-a-Thon becomes the PTSA's yearly budget to fund all of the activities, events and projects sponsored at the school throughout the year.

The following are a few examples of the wide variety of activities and needs that are supported by te PTSA and that would otherwise go unmet during the school year, including:

  • art supplies
  • student Directory
  • dance residency
  • 5th Grade Camp
  • 5th Grade Graduation
  • science fair
  • cultural community events
  • Field Day
  • staff appreciation and professional development
  • teacher stipends
  • donations to school library
  • PE equipment
  • parent education
  • racial and equity events
  • and more!

What Happens if the Required Funds are not Raised?

If the required funds are not raised the PTSA will have to reconvene, change the budget to reflect the actual amount raised and modify the list of events, activities and projects sponsored throughout the year. 


Help Us Connect!

If you have connections at businesses that could donate to the school or match funds we raise, please have them contact movathoncommittee@jsispta.org the Fundraising Chair, Yomara Gomez-Naiden, so we can pursue these opportunities.

Share This Event

You can share this event using our flyer or on social media.

For example: "The families of John Stanford International Elementary are going to Get Out And Move for our annual Move-a-Thon fundraiser. Support our educational programs, our teachers, and our students by making a donation."

Thank you to all our Move-a-Thon Sponsors!