Board Members

The PTSA Board members meet monthly to discuss ideas, vote on expenditures, update on programming and initiatives, and work with the principal and teachers on issues that affect children and families at our school as well as the district and state level. The Board also hosts three annual General Meetings that explore various topics of interest to the community. Board Members usually hold their position for 1 or 2 years. Time commitment varies by position.   


Executive Board 2021-2022

These positions are elected each school year by the PTA members.


Jaclyn Siska / Christine Sanders

Vice President

Jose Antonio Lucero


Lisa Bowie


Hermann Calabria

Assistant Treasurer

James Eckert


Appointed Directors

These positions are appointed by the Executive Board.

Membership Chair

Travis Jo Cufley


Sam C. Gutierrez


Abby Crossen

Dual Language Immersion

Amy Pace


Margaret Holt

Community Development

Currently vacant


Currently vacant


Room Representatives

Room Reps are not Board Members, but they are your go to people for answering questions and connecting with your student’s class.


Ann Marie Apigo, Maru Almeida

Kindergarten Spanish

Emily Cox Pahnk, Kristina Koul (Weidert), Derek Kirkham

Kindergarten Japanese

Mifa Sloane, Yi-An Chen


1st grade Spanish

Meghan Silver, Jen Cramlet, Ivonne Rivera

1st grade Japanese

Asayo Urisu, Tal Lev, Kozue Ueshima-Toth


2nd grade Spanish

Sarah Moore, Amber Dukehart, Maru Almeida

2nd grade Japanese

Marc Sasala, Kazuyo Monahan, Yasue Melton


3rd grade Spanish

Merideth Kelly, Patricia Atwater, Karen Buelterman

3rd grade Japanese

Abby Crossen

4th grade Spanish, Japanese

Amber Dukehart


5th grade Spanish

Margaret Holt

5th grade Japanese

Ruchita Tulsyan