JSIS Students First Campaign


Put Students First When You Donate Today!

Campaign End Date: February 19th, 2020

Support our Spanish and Japanese Immersion Program!

2019 Students First Campaign Video


Donations to The Campaign will fund:

  • Our beloved Instructional Assistants and/or Interns who work throughout all of our immersion classrooms
  • Biliteracy curriculum development and implementation
  • Counselor

Our Goal:

Today, we ask that you please support the Students First Campaign. To fund the 2021-2022 staffing plan and strengthen our dual language immersion program, we need an average contribution of $1000 per student.

Please help us reach our goal by  sponsoring a student with any amount that works for your family.  

We hope that you are inspired to make a generous contribution – all donation amounts help – no amount is too small or too large.  We recognize these are challenging times and for some a gift may not be possible. Our community is extremely generous and has always stepped up in support of our community, school and children. If you are able to make a generous contribution and stretch your giving by an extra $300, $500 or even $1000 to sponsor another student in support of our JSIS community, this will bring us closer to our goal. Most importantly, we come together to support our students as they grow into bilingual, empathetic, and curious global citizens.

There are many ways to support the campaign:

  • Consider using your employer matching gift program to maximize your giving potential and support other students as well.
  • Consider asking family and friends to support by sending them the donation link.


The Students First Campaign is the most important fundraiser at our school.  Each year we hold this campaign to enhance language immersion with additional support staff (such as our Instructional Assistants and Interns), in addition to other biliteracy curriculum enhancement needs.  Seattle Public Schools does not provide extra funding to support our dual language immersion program and our school does not qualify for a district-funded Counselor as we do not have more than 800 students.  For over 17 years, we have relied on the generous support of JSIS families and community members to fund these needs to provide the excellent standard of education we have come to expect at JSIS.

The additional immersion staff, our beloved instructional assistants and/or interns, provide critical language and academic support to all students. While our full-time counselor supports our students daily and provides socio-emotional programming for them on the principles of growth mindset, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and personal safety just to mention a few topics.  During these past months our students and families have greatly benefited from having a counselor to guide them on how to cope in challenging and uncertain times.   These positions support the continued excellence of our school – excellence that has been recognized locally, nationally and even internationally.

Thanks to the funds collected during last year’s campaign, our children have been able to benefit this year of instructional assistant and counseling support.  This has been instrumental, especially with all the complexities that our children have experienced this year due to COVID.

Please donate today! Our children are counting on us!

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